About ULB

Adam, the founder of US Legal Books, was a law student who realized that there is a need for an online index of all legal books. He created this website because he knew how difficult it is to search for legal books. He also had difficulty searching for legal books that discuss a certain topic. This is when the idea for US Legal Books started. 

This online index of legal books aims to help people who wanted to buy legal resources by providing reviews for legal publications. There are article reviews about law student books, law book subjects, self-help law books, law dictionaries, and legal software.

 Aside from providing reviews about legal books, this website also has a blog section where legal matters are discussed. This includes some of the government’s actions to help improve the lives of the people.

Disclaimer: All the reviews of the legal resources, books, and software are the personal opinion of the writer, not representing the writer’s current company or his family. The writer does not want to disclose his real name but is happy to be of help to the legal community.