How likely are dog bite injuries in California?

There are plenty of potential causes for injuries in California. One of the severe cases that residents of California experience is attacks by domestic animals, requiring its legislation. How dangerous are animal attacks in California? Did you know that the Golden State is the dog bite capital of the country? An insurance company reported that […]

Safety Tips for Riding on Saint Patrick’s Day

Every holiday in America is celebrated the same way – by consuming alcohol. Saint Patrick’s Day is no different. If those who celebrated the holiday made poor driving or even riding decisions while being under the influence, road accidents will inevitably happen. All drivers, including cyclists, should be extremely cautious before hitting the roads. Here […]

When do fatal bike accidents happen?

Bicycle accidents happen. Having the proper bike equipment helps a lot to minimize injuries, but it is best to avoid bike accidents from happening. Bikers need to know when these accidents happen. They may not be able to avoid the roads at these times, but knowing that there are dangerous times could help them keep […]

How many people die from road accidents each day?

If you’re a health-conscious American, you might want to add as careful driver and pedestrian on your list. Vehicular accidents are the leading cause of death for healthy Americans. If you survived a vehicular accident, you’d most likely have fatal injuries. In a single year, 2.5 million people are seriously hurt or are permanently disabled. […]