Can you die if you get hit by a truck?

Can You Die if a Truck Hits You?

It does not matter whether you have a death wish or not, but getting hit by a truck never crosses most people’s minds in their lifetime. It seems like a painful way to die. However, getting hit by a truck looks like a common incident than what we would love to see. Thousands die as a result of an accident involving a truck.

The Department of Transport in 2015 reported that there were at least 4,000 people killed in a crash involving a truck. This was an 8 percent increase from the numbers in 2014. As for those who survived with injuries as a result of truck accidents, they were 116,000 people. As you can see, these are not numbers we can ignore.

The worst part about truck accidents is that they can happen to anyone. It does not matter if you are a driver, a passenger, or a pedestrian.

What if I get hit by a truck?

In the event you or someone you know gets hit by a truck, then you are entitled to legal compensation from the insurance company. Getting hit by a truck can lead to two types of injuries. They include soft tissue injuries and hard injuries.

Soft tissue injuries include contusions, lacerations, and abrasions. Also, ending up with torn ligaments or muscles and sprained joints can be part of soft tissue injuries. In some cases, whiplash and back strains are classified under the same category of injuries.

Hard injuries, on the other hand, can be severe. They include disk hernias, broken bones, severe burns, internal bleeding, organ damage, and death. Some of these injuries are likely to leave you helpless. Sometimes you might not be able to go back to work.

To answer the question, can you die if a truck hits you? Yes, you can die from a truck crash accident. It all comes down to the severity of the accident.

Speeding has caused a lot of truck accidents

Most people think since it is a truck, it might not be able to speed. Guess what? You are wrong. Whenever a truck is unloaded, it can quickly get up to speed in no time. If the driver is not careful, sometimes this is what leads to truck accidents.

Statistics show that there are times where the driver speeds around a curve. Since a truck can be long, if you do not approach a curve at a slow speed, you might end up losing control over the vehicle.

It is crucial to note that speeding around a curve is not just dangerous for trucks alone. If you do the same for a normal car, you are likely to end up losing control too.

How are the claims from a truck accident calculated?

Those who experience truck accidents end up with severe injuries. Such injuries will mean they might have to miss work, pay substantial medical bills, and need more time to recover. As you can see, having an appropriate compensation for the accident is crucial. It is easy for such a person to have his life changed in a snap.

Based on the injuries and damage to the car, a proper settlement is drafted by a personal injury lawyer. This settlement recommendation is then submitted to the insurance company. It is from there the company can decide to proceed with the settlement or offer a counteroffer.

You have to understand that truck accident are more frequent and can be fatal. For these reasons, always drive a truck carefully to avoid ending up in a crash. Even if you still end up causing an accident, you will need a truck accident attorney to handle your case. Sometimes it is not always the truck drivers who are at fault. 


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