How likely are dog bite injuries in California?

There are plenty of potential causes for injuries in California. One of the severe cases that residents of California experience is attacks by domestic animals, requiring its legislation.

How dangerous are animal attacks in California?

Did you know that the Golden State is the dog bite capital of the country? An insurance company reported that it paid more than $18 million in California for claims out of $123 million spent in the whole country. Injuries include dog bites and scratches. Illinois and Ohio are next in line to be the most likely state for a dog bite lawsuit.

What are the consequences of animal attacks?

The consequences depend on the attacking dog and the injuries it inflicted. If you get bitten by larger breeds, you are more likely to have serious injuries. The average dog bite claim in 2018 is just over $37,500. The money is mostly used for the treatment and medical bills of the recovery victims.

Who are the most likely victims of dog bites?

Children below the age of 9 are fond of animals, and they do not know how to keep a distance from large dogs. They are also too young and can have a traumatic memory. Seniors and home service staff are also likely to get bitten by a dog.

What can I do after a dog bite?

Go to the nearest doctor and have your wounds checked. Call a personal injury lawyer for assistance in filing for damages and for the right compensation.

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