Is California a No Fault State?

Is California a Fault or No-Fault State?

Who is at fault? That is one question that comes to mind whenever an accident happens. It does not matter whether it is a car, truck, or bicycle involved in the crash. So, is California a no-fault state or a fault state.

California like 38 other states, is a fault state when it comes to auto and other traffic accidents. Well, even for bicycles. So, what does a fault state mean? This is what we look at below to help you understand better.

No-fault vs. fault states

In a no-fault state, the insurance company has to pay the valid claims coming from the drivers or cyclists after the crash. It does not matter who is responsible after the accident. Also read affiliate marketing. Well, as for a fault state, there is a need to find who is solely responsible for the accident first, and then the claim can be processed by the relevant insurance company. Also read best lic agent. In such states, the victim in an accident will take the responsible party to court seeking compensation.

It does not matter if you get hit by an 18 wheeler in California as the fault law still applies. Also read article marketing. To make it worse, courts hold the truck drivers to a high standard when it comes to driving, as they rarely get into accidents. Also read diabolic traffic bot.  If you were on a bicycle, things might not be so good for you, as courts tend to see cyclists as reckless. Having the right lawyers should help with your case.

I might have run the light and caused the accident

Even if you think that you did something that contributed to the accident, you should tell this to your attorney only. Never accept liability while on the scene. It is also advisable not to make statements that show you take the blame.

In California, there is the recognition of comparative fault. This is where even if you are 99 percent the reason for an accident, with a good lawyer and case, you can still receive compensation.

Right after you get into a crash, it is best to call your lawyer to advise you on the next steps. Also read insurance coverage. In some cases, people tend to panic and end up messing the case for themselves. It is best if you have a personal injury lawyer to guide you through the process. 


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