Safety Tips for Riding on Saint Patrick’s Day

Every holiday in America is celebrated the same way – by consuming alcohol. Saint Patrick’s Day is no different. If those who celebrated the holiday made poor driving or even riding decisions while being under the influence, road accidents will inevitably happen.

All drivers, including cyclists, should be extremely cautious before hitting the roads. Here are some tips that you can do this holiday and still be able to avoid accidents. 

Be Bold

One way to be both fun and safe is to go out and bike around. Enjoy the holiday. Go out and make sure that you’re wearing reflective clothing to help increase your visibility to help keep away from danger. 

Bring Several Locks

Bike parts can be stolen, and bringing several locks can help secure the bike’s frame, wheels, and other parts. Bringing several locks also works best if you decide to ride a cab home instead of riding your bike while under the influence of alcohol.

Don’t Bike Between Bars

Cycling under the influence is a traffic violation. If you plan on participating in bar crawls, don’t bicycle between bars. You could also get into an accident with a vehicle or a pedestrian. It is best to leave your bicycle behind if you plan on drinking that night.

Stay Away From Bars

If you have some activities to go to on this day, it is best to stay away from drinking establishments. A drunk driver could be anywhere, and you could be the victim. You can also accidentally hit a drunk pedestrian. It is best not to go near this place to avoid danger.

Be Prepared

If you need to run errands this holiday and you’re required to use your bicycle or your automobile, keep in mind that this holiday comes with an increased risk for accidents, especially after dark.

Being prepared also means that you know what to do when an accident happens. Call a personal injury lawyer to assist you in your case.

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