What is the safest car for the driver and passengers?

The Best Safe Cars for Driver and Passengers in 2019

For anyone who owns a car, getting one with the best safety ratings is always a peace of mind. You can even drive the car, knowing that it will deliver the best possible protection. In 2019, most cars now have better safety thanks to the advancement in safety technology.

Euro NCAP is responsible for crash testing several car models to determine their safety and recommend them to consumers. Out of the 23 tested, 16 got a full five-star rating. The best part is that these cars had the best safety for both the driver and passengers.

We look at some of the top 10 models so that you can buy a car knowing that it is going to offer a quality ride and remain safe.

          Ford Focus

Ford Focus is not only popular in America, but also in Europe. This is because of impressive sportiness while at the same time being a safe car. The car scores well in protecting adults and children who might use the vehicle.

The car comes with advanced safety features as standard. You will not have to pay any additional amount to get these safety features.

It is not just about protecting the occupants, but also the other road users such as pedestrians. Such protection is possible since the car comes with safety assists such as pedestrian warning, automatic braking, and much more.

          Nissan Leaf

Nissan Leaf is not a huge as sedans or SUVs, but it ends up with impressive safety scores that rival those of huge cars. If you love pure-electric cars that also have the best safety, then Nissan Leaf is the right choice for you.

It is not just safe among electric cars, but rather other cars in its class size. The bar set by Nissan Leaf was so high that only a few other cars could come close to it.

With adult protection of up to 93%, it is easy to see why many would consider it today.

          Jaguar I-Pace

Those who love to enjoy some British engineering, then the Jaguar I-Pace, is your answer. The car has won multiple awards for its styling and driving experience. Nevertheless, that is just the tip of the awards as it is also among the safest cars.

Being pure-electric should sit well with those who would want more comfort without worrying about gasoline emissions.

The model is still good in terms of child protection, with a score of 81%. If you have your kids in the back seats, then you will be confident that the car will protect them. The best part is that it is an SUV, and we know how people are now buying more SUVs than ever before.

          Volvo S60 and V60

Volvo, the Swedish automaker, is synonymous with safety. Those who buy Volvos know that they are among the safest cars in the world. This time around, we look at the S60 sedan and V60 wagon. These two cars score high in terms of occupant and pedestrian protection. Those who buy it know that it will always offer them the best protection even when an accident occurs.

To make them even better, the safety assist features score high at 76%. These are the features that help you know more about your environment so that you can drive better and avoid ending up in an accident.

          Peugeot 508

The Peugeot 508 is a handsome car to look at all day long. Well, it is not all about looks, but rather the driving experience also. Those who have used it can agree it is one of the best driving experiences they have had in a long time. Most claim it is a comfortable car with the best driving position.

That being said, how about its safety? Do not worry as the car has the best safety score as compared to some of its competitors. With occupant protection of up to 96%, it should be easy to see why anyone would want to own it.

          Audi A6

Germans are known for their top-notch engineering capabilities when it comes to machines. It is the reason people go for Audis when they need a safe car with the best performance too. The Audi A6 comes with high safety ratings when you compare it with other executive cars in its segment.

Audi A6 has remained consistently safe over the years. With such consistency, you will buy the car having the confidence that its safety technology has gotten better with time.

The model includes some of the best safety assist features in a right now. It is rated to have an equally good front collision warning system. Such a system is good to warn you of any pedestrians who might have just stepped into the road.

          Volvo XC40

Since the SUV market is crowded right now, a vehicle has to be safe to get more buyers. That is no problem for the Volvo XC40. This SUV has a high safety rating as compared to other SUVs in the market. The model scores well in areas such as new technology, occupant protection, and pedestrian safety.

Since passenger safety is at 97%, it is easy to see why anyone with a family will choose it. They know that their family will be safe even if an accident occurs.

          Lexus ES

The list would not be complete if we did not have a model from the Toyota Group. Yes, Lexus is under Toyota. Being a brand that is synonymous with reliability, you also will not have to worry about safety. This is for those who need a large family car that is still capable of keeping them safe.

The vehicle scores very well when it comes to pedestrian safety. With a score of 90% for pedestrian protection, it stands at the top as not many cars have the same rating.

          Audi Q3

Audi Q3, a compact SUV, model scores well in various categories such as occupant safety, pedestrian protection, and safety assist. It could be the reason many people buy it more when you look at the statistics of the compact SUVs.

Considering the brand has announced a new model of the same SUV, we expect the newer model to have a better safety rating. You can buy the car, knowing that it will provide you with new technology to keep you safe.

          Mercedes Benz A-Class

Mercedes Benz is good for giving us safe and reliable cars. It is the reason many world leaders have Mercedes Benz cars in their lineup of chase cars or official limos. Mercedes did a good job with the A-class this time. It might not be among the oldest models the company makes, but for sure, its safety technology is really good.

The car scores over 90% in all the safety categories. It does not matter whether you are an occupant or pedestrian as this car will always have the best protection for you.

Even with the safest cars in the industry, sometimes ending up in an accident is inevitable. Whenever this happens, you need the help of an accident attorney to help file for a claim. If you end up with injuries, you have a right to file for compensation. With the best lawyer, you can always expect to be compensated well. The compensation is for the injuries that might have led to the loss of income, even if it is for a while. 


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