When do fatal bike accidents happen?

Bicycle accidents happen. Having the proper bike equipment helps a lot to minimize injuries, but it is best to avoid bike accidents from happening. Bikers need to know when these accidents happen. They may not be able to avoid the roads at these times, but knowing that there are dangerous times could help them keep their guard up.

When Do Fatal Bike Accidents Happen?

Reports from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that most fatal bicycle crashes happen from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Rush hour traffic is one of the causes of bicycle crashes during this time. Also read about 888 rat. Another possible factor is darkness and reduced visibility. NHTSA also noted that fatal bike accidents happen during these times in every season.

Bike Accidents On Weekends

Bike accidents happen more during the weekends, with 26 percent of fatalities. One major factor of bike accidents on weekends is intoxication. On weekdays, the rate for bike fatalities is at 20 percent. 

Are Bike Accidents Avoidable?

Total avoidance of bike accidents is impossible. There are unexpected things that can happen. If you use your bike to go to work, you will eventually have to ride in the rush hour traffic. You can do your part by being aware when these accidents mostly occur. You can also make sure that you have protective gear like bike lights, helmets, and reflective clothes to make yourself more visible at night. If you know you’ll be drinking that night, and it is best not to take your bike. Taking the bus will be a better option. 

What Should You Do In Case of A Bike Accident?

When an accident occurs, call your attorney for proper legal counseling. Make sure to visit the doctor right after the incident for medical records. Medical records are essential and can be used as evidence when filing for compensation for the damages sustained.


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