How likely are dog bite injuries in California?

There are plenty of potential causes for injuries in California. One of the severe cases that residents of California experience is attacks by domestic animals, requiring its legislation. How dangerous are animal attacks in California? Did you know that the Golden State is the dog bite capital of the country? An insurance company reported that […]

How many people die from road accidents each day?

If you’re a health-conscious American, you might want to add as careful driver and pedestrian on your list. Vehicular accidents are the leading cause of death for healthy Americans. If you survived a vehicular accident, you’d most likely have fatal injuries. In a single year, 2.5 million people are seriously hurt or are permanently disabled. […]

What is the truck accident claims process?

Truck Accident Claims Process: Everything You Need to Know When you get injuries from an accident involving a truck, it might be the right time to engage a personal injury lawyer to help handle the case. Some might be wondering, how is the truck accident claim process? Well, it is like any other claim you […]

What is the safest car for the driver and passengers?

The Best Safe Cars for Driver and Passengers in 2019 For anyone who owns a car, getting one with the best safety ratings is always a peace of mind. You can even drive the car, knowing that it will deliver the best possible protection. In 2019, most cars now have better safety thanks to the […]

What should I need to know about truck accidents?

Truck Accidents: Important Details You Should Know What you probably do not know is that truck drivers are under strict laws and regulations. As a result, in case there is pending litigation, it will be best to have an attorney handle the complicated process. Contrary to what you may believe, car and truck crashes are […]